Hobby Hunting: Why You Should Visit Model Shops in Auckland

It’s one of those lazy Sunday afternoons and you’re walking around town, not really heading anywhere specific. Deciding to pay a visit to model shops in Auckland doesn’t seem like it may require a whole lot of thought or energy so you stroll right on it. Nothing is ever quite the same for you. 

What might seem like a smartphone infested era, craned-necks-staring-at screens-wherever-you-go doesn’t seem to affect model shop enthusiasts –whose dedication you can’t really remember witnessing anywhere in the world. These crowds of people would fire off features, specifications, advantages and product comparisons of a 3-inch remote controlled car with shocking ease; you’ll forget that you’re not surrounded by a bunch of Tony Starks in one room. Model shops are their slice of heaven, and why shouldn’t it be? Racks upon racks of RC cars, drones, planes, railway sets, model ships and a whole other plethora of other thingamajigs that you can’t seem to place surround you –and it fills you with intense curiosity. 

What exactly is the allure of things so intricate, complex and painstaking to put together? Isn’t there an app to do those things at home? 

Ask any model enthusiast that question and watch their face go slack with disbelief. Then watch their eyes lighten up as they explain to you the difference between a VRX Racing Octane Rock Racer with a Racing X-Ranger and why you should totally get the Racing Sword XXX instead. Watch said enthusiast educate you in 10 minutes or less a lifetime of details seemingly impossible to absorb but watch how it rolls off his tongue as he describes what comes easily as breathing to him. There is really nothing quite like it. 

It’s understandable why one would immediately come to the assumption that model shops have lost their charm –living in a monotonous one-size-fits-all world will do that to you, but that couldn’t be as wrong as ever. Even if model enthusiasts have indeed taken their business online, the spirit of collecting and building, creating and taking apart still lives on in the hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide that is driven to take something old and build it anew. That being said, what’s your next hobby?